Ar750s wireless repeater cannot get more than 6mb/s throughput with 5ghz 433mb/s connection

same results on 3.009 and 3.013
wan ethernet cable not connected.
ap mode off for both 2.4 and 5ghz from gl-gui
connect in repeater mode through gl-gui.
luci gui shows 325.0 Mbit/s, 80MHz, VHT-MCS 7, VHT-NSS 1, Short GI
6.0 Mbit/s, 20MHz

acess points were 4 meters away an no other routers on same freqeuncies near me.

have three other different types of routers and cell phone wifi tether. same results.
tried repeater to a 2.4ghz and says it connects 144/mbs and throughput is 9mb/s
went into luci for client station and disabled legacy b rates… same results for both antennas
I have two 750s routers . same results on both so not looking like isolated hardware issue

any ideas.

If you disable repeater, does it can up to 300Mbps? It seems that your main router works in 11b mode.

you are correct. my router was supporting wireless b mode. I since disabled it and i’m getting 300/300 only issue am having is now with the lan when the wwan is up the lan side is only get 4-6mb/s throughput. same when no wwan and using wan only. and same when using wwan wan as i multihomed gateway with wan as default gateway.

only thing I can think of is internal switch vlan1 not functioning properly. wireless to wan is ok I guess anthing on the lan side is 4-6mbits/sec

If you use cable instead of repeater, how is the speed?

I’m sorry, that’s what I was trying to expain. these are my lan cable speeds for wwan wireless and wan cable.

You might only get 10MB/s bandwidth from your ISP.