AR750S WISP Mode Configuration

Hi. I have recently purchased the GL.iNET AR750S (Slate) travel router and cannot figure out how to set it up in WISP Mode. Are there any Step by Step procedures available that covers this? I noticed that my router was shipped to me with a beta Firmware . Is this normally how it is shipped?

Docs are here Internet - GL.iNet Docs

The firmware has passed beta test and we will upgrade the UI to remove beta. If you saw firmware upgrade please upgrade.

Hi there, intending to purchase this model.

I have question on WISP. Does it remember previously connected public wifi hotspot?
Especially those that requires sign-in / acknowledgement button.

What Iā€™m asking is, will it auto connect, sign in automatically?
This will really be a plus point for me to make decision.

It will remember the ssid you have connected to and try to connect back.

If it is WPA/WPA2-psk it should work without problem.

But it will not auto via captive portal automatically.

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