AR9331 unlocked ART for all channels?

Could you please give us unlocked ART.bin for AR9331 chip for all channels in all region?

art is different for each board. If you change art, the performance will be affected.

If you want some channel, why not just change the region, which the channel is available.

i have tried editing art and got all channels in all regions with pepe2k art tool, also tryed same art at tp-link router, no performance lost, could you be more specific what is that that can be lost in performance?

as you said, you edited the art using tools, not a new unlocked art.

If you edit the art and it works, that should be just fine. No performance lost.

If you want a new an unlocked art from us, we just don’t have.


Can you explain what did you changed to get all channels working, regdomain set to debug or something else? I’d like to do the same to avoid patching driver each time I build firmware, however one downside of this approach might be that you cannot use one regdomain for basic channels in order to get faster site survey.

For 2312-2484 it already takes 30 or more seconds and for whole 2GHz band it could take more than a minute to scan for available APs.