Are there any plugins to improve internet speed or reduce ping on the GL.iNet Flint 2


Enclosed within the ambit of OpenWRT exists a plethora of software selections, amongst which the GL.iNet firmware is pre-embellished with an array of preconfigured packages. Notwithstanding the prevailing consensus that individuals domiciled within the confines of the United States and Canada seldom grapple with perturbations relating to connectivity velocities or latency skirmishes, it remains within the realm of possibility that the artisans at GL.iNet may not bestow the apex of precedence upon the amalgamation of supplemental appurtenances targeting these parameters.

Yet, it stands to reason that judicious augmentation with additional plug-ins may very well serve to amplify operational throughput. In pursuit of this objective, might I impose upon your expertise to proffer recommendations concerning plug-ins which could materially elevate the alacrity, reduce the latency, or otherwise augment the overarching functionality of the GL.iNet Flint 2 (GL-AX6000) routing apparatus?

Your insights on this matter are eagerly anticipated.

Thank you for your consideration.

Cc: @admon and colleagues

Your attention and expertise on this topic would be highly valued.

Let me park right here :thinking:

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The only way to improve performance is to do security hardening! For example remove all unused packages, disable all unused services, stop unnecessary features like tracking and so on. Stop all unnecessary processes.

I have done the hardening, and it improved my device by 70%!

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And if you add flames :fire: as stickers to the routers case it will increase by another, at least, 20%! :smile:

Hardening will not speed up anything. There aren’t many unused services and even if there are some, they won’t make the internet slower or faster.

Best for “improving”:

  • Reliable and fast DNS server
  • Correct MTU settings
  • Fast VPN if you need some

It DOES improve the performance of the hardware as whole, hence the internet speed!

You can check my other posts for implementing hardening steps. Then test before and after.

Actually you’re mistaken! There are a bunch of unused malfunctioning services on GL software. For example everyone is complaining about the Tracking/Multi-Wan feature , which just got fixed on 4.5 firmware!

ALL the three points you mentioned above has nothing to do with “improving” the speed! VPNs eat bandwidth, DNS improve milliseconds only during resolves, and MTU is most of times is set correctly.

I don’t agree. But it’s fine. Even if I don’t know how you got those “70%” - and how they got measured.

As I said, the 70% is hardware improvement NOT Internet speed!! Please read carefully. I measured with top/htop while I was performing the hardening step by step.

For example, There were many processes running by GL software, eating a large chunk of the CPU power and RAM. Once all those were shutdown correctly the CPU utilization got reduced from 75% to 2%! After that my speed tests improved from 900 MB to 1GB because all that buggy network services and cron jobs were gone!

If you need to improve the overall performance of your GL device, please try the steps I listed in this post:

Note: the hardening is largely dependent on your usage. For me, as shown in the post, I do not use any services besides the 5G WiFi and Cellular connection.

But none of these was asked by the OP. :gl_emoji_confused:

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OVERALL OVERALL OVERALL :joy: hopefully now you can read it!

As I appreciate the help you have been providing to others, I have noticed that most of your answers on the forum are technically NOT accurate!

As a moderator you should always help with the things you know, rather than commenting on all posts with little or no knowledge!


> overall performance for the GL.iNet Flint 2

As I said the OP is asking about overall performance of his device (which includes CPU, ram, network…etc) and this is what I helped him with!

Please STOP sending me private messages as I don’t have time for such things!

I extend my profound gratitude to all participants for their invaluable contributions. It is imperative that we foster a congenial environment bereft of discord amongst ourselves over these discussions. It has come to my attention that @SpitzAX3000 may not be thoroughly acquainted with the intricacies of our collective narrative pertaining to this matter. Conversely, @admon possesses a deeper understanding of the nuances specific to my circumstance.

To elaborate, I must clarify that my systems are currently experiencing a surfeit of computational resources; both RAM and CPU resources are at my disposal, untaxed and eagerly awaiting utility. In light of this excess, my quest has been to identify a plugin, or any enhancement of similar nature, that could judiciously deploy these dormant reserves to optimize my setup’s efficiency and capability.

I would like to extend a special note of appreciation for @SpitzAX3000’s eagerness to assist; your intentions are well-recognized. It appears that the fault lies not with you nor @admon but with my own initial lack of clarity in expression. To ameliorate any possibility of misconception, I have taken the initiative to revise my original post, thereby ensuring crystal clarity in our communication moving forward.

Once again, thank you, @SpitzAX3000, and @admon for your consideration, and my apologies to all for any confusion my earlier words may have sown.