Are there anyone familiar with Thread and smart home deployment?

We are looking for beta testers with Thread background for the GL-S200 thread border router. It requires some technical experience in smart home deployment. If you are interested in this beta test, please leave a comment below or DM me. We will select testers based on your Thread technical experience.

Thread is still a bit too new for me.

None of my smart home devices have it! I also do not I see a lot of end devices having thread. I do have plenty of smart home things to play with and currently use Zigbee, Z-Wave and some bits even do 433MHz, but Thread is currently still a future thing.

It’s good to see routers for them, but without “end devices” there’s not much to do with a router/border router/leader device. And yes, I do realize it can be a chicken-egg problem.


I do think the ’ Espressif Systems - ESP32-H2’ is in more device, than we’re aware of.

I’ve looked at Thread Group, too. And there are Amazon, Google, Apple. Brands, at least one device could be at home. Even if they are not tread-compatible, now. And a lot of ‘contributors’, like IKEA, ‘Implementers’ …
Apart from the Hen-Egg issue, I have trouble to find a source for ‘do device xyz supports thread?’ right now. Mostly ‘We as company working on thread/matter compability, stay tuned’ …

For every beta test, we will provide a developer kit including a S200 Thread border router and an evaluation board as the Thread end device.

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