ARS750S Hosts

Using firmware 3.203 (latest available is 3.216) - how do you edit the hosts file to provide a custom domain on the local LAN in Router mode, there is no Edit Hosts option.

Did you try to view dnsmasq form Luci?

Should be easy enough to edit the hosts file with WinSCP (assuming you are using windows).

Thanks for the updates, it’s on an iPad and has to be on the DNS server, will try dnsmasq, the workaround if to put 192.168… in the domains dns A record, it is found by third party DNS lookups but the ARS750S does not find it, like it’s filtering out public 192… entries. Any advice, regards.

Changing the iPad DNS server to a third party like Cloudflare or Google picks up the 192.168… internal ip from the domains dns settings, why using the routers dns while using the iPad does not resolve the external domains 192.168… dns setting remains a mystery.