Assign WAN port to the Guest network?

I’ve seen the other threads where people have configured their LAN ports to the Guest network, however since the WAN port is special I thought I’d ask before chasing my tail a bit.

I know the GL frontend allows you to switch the interface between LAN and WAN, but I think this interferes with manually setting it in the /etc/config/network file? It seems to work if I tell Luci to apply the configuration after boot, but is essentially broken on boot until I bounce the interface afterwards.

Is there a way I can “turn off” the management of the eth0 (WAN) port?

Using GL-AP1300, and the WAN port specifically because I am powering it via PoE and that’s apparently the port PoE is supported through. :dizzy_face:

What configuration did you do?

Possible but need to know the changes you made.

Essentially, I just added the eth0 to the GUEST interface bridge.

After fiddling with it a bit more, I think so long as I leave the port in WAN mode in the front and set to DHCP, since the system isn’t using it it might just work? Just need to be patient and wait for it to give up.

I think this might be Ok since I’m using the 4g modem for the actual WAN connection, and as far as I understand it the IP data doesn’t cross-talk so little risk of people getting a direct line to the Internet there. :thinking:

Tried on AP1300 3.215 firmware, to assign WAN port to guest network:

uci set network.wan.ifname='eth2'
uci set network.wan6.ifname='eth2'
uci set network.guest.ifname='eth0'
uci commit network
/etc/init.d/network restart

It can survive a reboot.

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