Astrill VPN Applet

Is it possible to install Astrill Applet on either the GL-SFT1200 or GL-MT3000? I think Astrill’s website says their applet requires DD-WRT. GL-SFT1200 and GL-MT3000 are on OpenWRT. I am confused because GL-iNet’s website has Astrill’s logo as a compatible service. Is it because they meant the OpenVPN or Wireguard config with Astrill, and not Astrill’s stealth vpn?

righty right. you can refer to

Yeah, so can only install WireGuard or OpenVPN. Cannot install the Astrill applet because that will need DD-WRT (see photo)

So when I want to use Astrill in Mainland China, I won’t be able to use the Beryl, for example.

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