AstroRelay data-usage ... ... for what exactly? 1GB free

Hi guys - I’m pretty intrigued by AstroRelay :slight_smile: :smile:

Some question on AstroRelay and the Data used (1GB for free … for what exactly?):

  • Can I remote control (and restart, update, …) my gl.iNet-Router’s settings with AstroRelay?
  • Can I also define or change the VPN-profile it is using?
    If yes:
  • If my PC uses the Routers VPN-profile … will his traffic through my gl.iNet-router then be counted away off of the 1GB? …
  • Or is the 1GB data just being used while I am communicating remotely with my Router through AstroRelay?

AstroRelay is currently in beta, so the free 1GB is for users to test and see that everything works properly before getting more data.

Remember AstroRelay is not a VPN, it only relays data. You can relay any kind of traffic, from SSH to HTTP to VPN and more. So you can relay a VPN via AstroRelay, for people behind double nat, that can’t change firewall to open ports for whatever reason, ISP is blocking VPN traffic or other reasons.

You will be able to set up a link to access your router UI with HTTPS remotely. If you create a link for your VPN via AstroRelay, that will count to your data, as it is going through the AstroRelay server to create the link. If you have a public IP and can connect to your VPN directly, then that will ofc not count to your AstroRelay data usage.

I don’t know what the final data plans will be, maybe @alzhao can comment on that.

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For me 1 GB is a massive amount! I use it to access the admin panels of 2 routers, in 3 days I’ve used less than 30mb. You can turn the connection on and off at will, it’s so easy to do. How it works is beyond me, seems like magic! :rofl:



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It realy is M A G I C :partying_face:!!

Great job guys - 1GB lasts for ever, since it’s just used for the admin-data passed between the webinterface and the remote router … which is nothing.

thanks for another great innovation

Question is answered and ticket may be closed

There is no log so no idea what data is used. Need to wait tomorrow to check usage history.

But if you relay a vpn and used as global proxy for all the data of your pc, it means all of your data goes via the vpn, not only the data to visit the router itself.

Did the 1gb free usage will refresh on every month? Or need to top up once is utilized?

It is accumulated, not per month.

Alright :+1: noted with thanks :blush: