AT Command for AT&T - x750

Hi there! My company is using Spitz x750’s (Cat4 model) with AT&T, but we notice a severe speed drop when using the 750’s vs another router or our phones. For example, we had speeds of 80-100mbps download using a nighthawk M1 and/or iPhone, but only 15-20mbps download on the 750.

Is there an AT command I should be using when I set these up to get the most out of the device? Or would we benefit more from the Cat6 model?

can you pls check if you are using qmi or ttyUSB? qmi should be faster.

That was my exact problem with T-Mobile. During the initial router setup it seemed to default to USB mode, which was capped at 20Mbps. Once I switched to QMI mode my speeds more than doubled.


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Thanks for the reply! The thing is we are using QMI, but the speeds are still very low. Compared to other devices. did you find any way to boost your speeds beyond using QMI?

Keep in mind that the EC25-AF (CAT4) modem you are using does not support carrier aggregation (CA) where your phone likely does. I would cycle through all of the bands available with AT&T and run speed tests with each to find the one that performs the best.

Good point! But both the Nighthawk and the GL x750 are using Band 2 - and the 750 still gets the same 15-20 where the nighthawk gets 80-100. Could there be an AT command I could use on it to help things?

I still think this is a CA difference you are seeing as the iPhone and Nighthawk both support CA, which based on the M1 specs tells the story of why you are seeing a 4x difference in speed. I’m not familiar with the M1 so not sure how to tell if CA is in use.

Nighthawk M1 Specs
Category 16 LTE Advanced Pro with 4-band carrier aggregation

I just ordered a Cat6 model to test that theory, hoping that does the trick! Thanks for your help!