AT command for B1 + B3?

Hi all,

I’m looking for the AT command for my device to use both Band 1 and Band 3 together, I can’t seem to find info on the net about it.

Does anyone know please?

Do you want to band-lock the modem so that only B1 and B3 are usable?

Or do you want to encourage active carrier aggregation so that B1 and B3 are aggregated?

If it’s CA you’re after, that’s something you have no control over, other than ensuring you’ve got good signal on both bands.

CA will get activated only when you’re making a significant demand for data, if at all.

Yes I was thinking that CA does it’s own thing that we can’t control.

It’s just to lock them 2 bands for the router to use, I can’t seem to find the command for that anywhere?

To bandlock to the B1 and B3 combination (excluding all other bands), the AT command is:


To revert to all-bands mode:


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Thanks for your reply.

Yes that locked the bands but it did not make any difference to speed on this device.

Is it just a little slow from time-to-time? That’s quite normal.

Or is it painfully slow, verging on unusable?

Well I bought the GL X750 splitz thinking that it would out perform my old router which is 5 years old the Huawei B525 (it has WiFi packet loss 3%) and download around speed of 90-100mbs.

The most I can get from the X750 at home is 50mbs in direct line of sight of the network mast. I drove to this mast and I was right beside it, the maximum the X750 can download is 70mbs.

After talking with one of the company reps from GL.inet he agreed that this speed would be the max because the CPU will limit the EP06 modem to around 70mbs, in plain English, the CPU is not good enough and is not fast enough to handle any more speed than 70megs download.

I’m sending it back for a refund as I’m not happy with that speed I would be expecting more. I should have got a well established brand for my money.

Would you have any recommendations for a decent 4g router that has WRT mate?

Thanks for your help.