AT commands and/or Modem Signal Quality

I have the MiFi with the latest Firmware (v3) and I love the new interface, setup was simple, it immediately was able to set up my Tmobile SIM…I see the General 4G signal meter…but where do I go to get specific info on the signal strength etc? I have an idea of signal level (like signal/noise in WiFi) before I add external anntena’s

If I install the cables/antenna…is there anything else I need to do?

Thank you.


I should note, that I am receiving a SNR of 55, which from what I read is good…I didn’t note what it was on the internal antenna…and I got 31 Mbps down and 29 Mbps up on Which is better than with internal.

I coiled the lines underneath where the antennas are mounted to keep the cables clean (they were shot cables about 3"-5" and I am using TechToo external antenna’s. Below are the links to the parts…

20cm cable


You can use uqmi to check.

uqmi -d /dev/cdc-wdm0 -s --get-signal-info

Thank you…I have read that any SN Ratio above 25 is really good…I have received 51-54 SNR using the external antennas above.

That did work, but it showed me a SNR of 184…is that even possible?

Thank you again.

Yes, it is possible. It showed me an SNR of 188.