AT&T Velocity hotspot

Can the GL-AR300M-Ext be used with the AT&T (ZTE) Velocity hotspot?

I used the router successfully with the Mobley hotspot but I now have a Velocity and would like to use the router with the Velocity.

Never try, but it should work. You can try it, please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for the reply. It did not work. My cell phone was able to connect wirelessly but there is no data flow. The red LED is first solid and then flashes and then repeats the pattern.

My first question should have been whether the charging port on the Velocity doubles as a data port like the Mobley. I can’t find any documentation that specifies if a router can be connected to the Velocity.

I connected the Velocity to the USB port on the router. I assume that is correct. I also have assumed that there would be no changes to the router settings because it should work the same as the Mobley.

Can you verify any of this? Thank you.

For your information Internet Settings - GL.iNet Docs.

Could you take a screenshot on admin web page of Internet Status? If you had attempt to dial up modem, but it can’t connect, you can put the log here, which you can find in Advanced → Status → System Logs.

I was able to get it working using repeater mode. AT&T has apparently disabled tethering for the Velocity hotspot. The speed seems to be a bit slower through the AR3000M compared to directly accessing the Velocity, but that might be normal for repeater mode.

I did have to factory reset the AR3000M a few times during setup because the router did not consistently recognize the default password. I have now upgraded the firmware to v2.7 which I hope will make the router more reliable.