Attempting to connect one GL-AR750S (Slate) as an *extender* to another. All configs should be the same, except for IP address?

I have two Slates (GL-AR750s) w/ 1 as an extender of the “Router” (shouldn’t this actually actually be an “AP” instead?).

All configs are the same, EXCLUDING:
– 1st is IP “”, 2nd is “”
– 1st is “Router”, 2nd is “Extender” (obviously)

As soon as restarting with Extender mode, however, Wifi is available, but the internet connection breaks on both Router & Extender. What am I doing wrong?

AP, generally just means wifi. Most of the times it mean wired bridge, i.e. only used as wifi without dhcp and NAT.

In you case, one should be used as Router, i.e. IP set to

The 2nd one, should be set up as WDS or extender mode. Pls go to more settings->network mode and set up.

You should not set up as Repeater in the Internet section and set IP

Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply, but that’s indeed how I already configured it. That’s why I’m here… asking why those settings break my internet connection.

I will rewrite what I wrote in the first post so that each line is per device instead of per configuration…

All configs are the same, EXCLUDING:
– 1st is IP “” in “Router” mode.
– 2nd is IP “” in “Extender” mode.

Does this make more sense? Why is this breaking my internet connection? I would like to configure this manually without WDS, if at all possible. Any ideas what’s wrong?

Your config is wrong.

Can you give me details how you config

  • 2nd is IP “” in “Extender” mode.

How is it wrong, when you said the SAME thing that I said in my first post…

I need this information to tell more.

Regardless of configuration
(Main router setup in router/repeater/standard mode, secondary setup via More Settings->Network Mode-> Extender, once connected set static IP for extender, reboot extender)

Do you have another device with ? An IP conflict will often kill your network.

I’m doing this… As I’ve already said… there’s the main router that’s setup as “Router” with IP “”.

And the second, “extender” is already setup with IP “”. As soon as I go into that Network Mode and change it to “Extender”… each and EVERY time… it breaks the Internet. That’s all I know.

Why would I change the IP address to the address it’s already got after changing modes to Extender? It’s ALREADY got that static address…

And YES, these are TWO AR750S Slates… Brand New. I can ping them separately as and… but as soon as changing the second to Extender mode, Internet breaks. It seems like these are the ONLY settings that matter… so why doesn’t it work?

Do they work with Internet access if you do NOT set a static IP on the Extender, so that it gets a DHCP IP from the Router? This is just to test if the issue is related to the Extender’s IP.

Pls do not set in the 2nd router. As we said, it does not work for your setup.

As you are using two AR750s, you can choose WDS mode (layer 2 bridge) instead of Extender mode (layer 3 bridge).

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Good idea. I was not previously aware that the GL-AR750S supported WDS.

The Online Guide for GL-MV1000W states it supports WDS also:

However, it does not show up under MORE SETTINGS → Network Mode (only Router, Access Point, Extender). I am running firmware 3.203.

Just FYI … I don’t use WDS.

MV1000W does not support wds. Will update the docs