Attempting to restore factory firmware on GL-B2200 returns to uboot

I’ve installed OpenWrt 22.03.0-rc3 on my GL-B2200, and now I want to go back to GL-iNET stock factory firmware to check on something. I’ve downloaded various firmware options from GL.iNet download center but none of them load correctly via uboot.

I can load and boot a replacement OpenWrt image file just fine, but the factory firmware doesn’t boot up, instead the hardware returns back to uboot.

I’m guessing there’s something else that needs resetting (partitions on the flash, perhaps). Any guidance how to do that on the GL-B2200?

The .img file from the download link should just be work if you flash on uboot.

I don’t see a reason it does not.

I updated uboot from GitHub - gl-inet/uboot-ipq40xx, in case that would make a difference, but nope. I can still uboot-web update to openwrt 22.03.0-rc3 images, but not to gl-inet downloaded images–those fail to start and the router reboots back to uboot.
Any suggestions on how to diagnose what’s going on?

Can you tell me your email?
There must be something wrong with the partition table.I will give you a firmware and you can restore the partition.

I sent you a private message with email details.

@lizh did you get my private message?

I have sent you an email, Does it solve your problem?

Yes, thanks! That worked just fine. Is this something you can post publicly so others can access it if they need to switch back from OpenWrt firmware to your firmware?

Hi there @lizh - can you email me the file for restoring partition please (lizardus{AT} - same situation here, cannot go gack to stock after OpenWRT.

Please flash the middle firmware first, then flash the GL official firmware
The download link is :Dropbox - norplusemmc-ipq40xx-single.img - Simplify your life