ATX1800 Useless After Firmware update to 4.5

Even after settings refresh, can’t connect to WiFi networks and repeat. Prior to settings refresh it couldn’t detect networks. Since resetting settings it detected, but after joining my iPhone isn’t able to connect.

Just looking at issues on forum etc. how did gl net let something so buggy out the door? I’m genuinely concerned about their testing practices.

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Can you connect before upgrade?
What was your old firmware version?

Can you reset the firmware (using the reset button) and try again?

To answer your question:
The OpenWrt version on the router is 21.02 - it is three years out of date. Also the GL-iNet OpenWrt repository has not been refreshed either.

To repair your router I would follow this repair -

I’m being using 4.5 firmware and the following updates in my AXT1800 and didn’t have any issues

You sure you know what you doing? :thinking:

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Same here. 4.5.16 basically bricked repeating. Though i had a bad router, so i ordered a new one. That one worked until i upgraded.

Pls give details like log.

The router repeater is ok. The general problem is the wifi channel and country code is messed up for some reason.

And you haven't thought to fix this as part of the update process?

After more digging, I separated the 2.4 from the 5 gHz bands. After a reset, I go to the repeater menu, I can see other networks to repeat, but as soon as I select one of those to repeat, the 5gHz band dies and completely stops broadcasting. My connection from my device to the router is lost. If I then go to the 2.4 band to log into the router, I can no longer see any networks to repeat nor can I sucessfully name a network that I know exists and is in range for it to repeat. It creates the network name, but acts as if it cant see it. Its as if all receiving into the router is shut down.

So as your reset the router, the problem should not due to upgrade. It should simple be a problem in the current firmware.

Your firmware is 4.5.16, right?
What is the channel of the wifi you want to repeater? I believe it is 5G. Is it DFS channel? Pls clarify.

Can you ssh to the router and check using the following command?

cat /proc/gl-hw-info/country_code
iwinfo phy0 freqlist
iwinfo phy1 freqlist