Auto Mac Address Change on GL-MT300N-V2

Need help with this script that will automatically change the mac address and reboot when finished?

I found this Auto Changer Mac Address Script on this DD-WRT site.

The Beta version of V3 firmware have a auto MAC adress changer integrated:

You wil find on the menue item on Adminmenue. Alternate you can call on follow adress:

I will add the follow to feature request:
I dont know how often the Mac changed on auto Mac change mode. That information should be add on this menue by programmer. Ideal will be the possibility to configure how often this change by automatic. Ideal will be the possibility to configure additional a +/i- fortune variance for this.

I was able to upgrade to the new firmware, can you direct me to where this script lives, I was going to add it in system tasks.

I think that is easy using script.
Generate random mac
use uci to change settings
check if iwinfo can be used to change mac without reboot wifi. If not then reboot wifi.

Script general works good for DIY purpose.

Being a linux noob, how do I use UCI settings to change mac address at random?

You wil find on the menue item on Adminmenue (webinterface of your router)

  • go to “More settings”,
  • go to “MAC clone”
  • go to “Your Router WAN”,
  • select “Random”

Alternate you can call on follow adress in your web browser:

Question to Gl.iNet stuff:

  • What are the intervall of Random WAN MAC changing and where are the menue item to change the intervall ?

I am able to change the mac address through the gui no problem. When I push the random button for the mac address change can someone tell me exactly what this is doing. I need the mac address to change on a daily basis without any interaction from a user.
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