Auto restart when VPN disconnects

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Is there any setting to schedule device restart in the event of VPN / internet disconnected?. Instead of manually restarting the router, automated settings will be useful, Thanks!

Firmware versions 4.1 and above have timed tasks in the interface. What model of device do you have?
If it is not yet upgradable to 4.x, you can configure it in LuCI → System → Scheduled Tasks using Crontab. The command is reboot.

I am using Beryl and Flint. When are they going to release firmware 4?

Flint has released version 4.1 of its firmware. Beryl version 4.1 firmware is in beta testing. For this feature please refer to Scheduled Tasks.
Please note that upgrading from version 3.x to 4.x does NOT save your settings. This is why we have not pushed out an upgrade alert.

I am unable to upgrade to 4.1 on flint, throwing me an error “failed! ERROR: Incorrect firmware format!
Please try again!”. how to solve this?

Pls check this guide

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WireGuard is a ‘stateless’ protocol. It stops the VPN tunnel if there’s no traffic & sends again when there is.(1) OpenVPN is… well… let’s just say there’s a reason everyone, inc. the big VPN providers, are switching to WireGuard as the default.

A GL device with a WireGuard Client set up (eg: Slate AX as a VPN Client/WG to Mullvad) will re-engage when rebooted. I don’t worry about it when I reboot/repower my Flint.

  1. Section ’ Simple Network Interface’,