Flint Upgrade to 4.1.0 warning

Anyone know if it’s normal for upgrading via Local Upgrade? I don’t see a new version under “Online Upgrade” So I downloaded the .img from the Download Centre

I got an error where the Version Number is unknown…

I have a Flint AX1800

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Local upgrade is a normal way to manually download file to upgrade the firmware.
If you’re already on the 4.x firmware, just download the .tar file to upgrade via web UI.
The .IMG file is for the first time upgrade from 3.x firmware to 4.x or Uboot (all configuration will be erased)

Thanks @cafebug . But no, I’m not upgrading from 4.x but 3.214. I still see the latest version under “Online Update” to be 3.214…

So… Upgrading from 3.x to 4.x will have all my configuration erased right?


Yes it will erase your configs - make sure “Keep settings”: is NOT enabled.

also please check/take note of your current wifi speed on 5ghz now then check it after the update as i have encountered slow wifi speed after upgrading it.
report back here after done please.

Since you’re from 3.x firmware to 4.x, all you need is the .IMG file and forget the warning just upgrade it, all your configuration will be gone.no matter you check the “keep settings “ or not. :slight_smile:

So I have got another Flint GL-AX1800 that need to update from 3.x to 4.x I’m going to try the SQM trick again, but before I do how are you testing speed?

Just update the dl site and docs to make it more clear.


so just to understand the “settings” part, every setup including vpn keys, routing rules, dns, ddns, luci and crontab will be erased? or something will remain? I have packages pointing to an external flash permanent mount, what about it, will it survive?

Correct, some people I myself have had success creating a config file in LuCi and then re-uploading it, but I think this is a fluke cause I have only gotten it to work once. Best advice is to set everything up new, I know it is a pain but saves time and frustration in the long run.

Order of operations:
Make a backup of 3.215 Config in LuCi
Update UBoot
Update by Uboot DO NOT KEEP SETTINGS OR PACKAGES(Won’t even do so if checked)
Setup 4.1.0 and enjoy

So how I got it to work somewhat USE AT YOUR OWN RISK

I installed SQM package and Luci-app-sqm package on 3.215. I created a config file in LuCi. I updated by Uboot using .IMG file. I installed SQM and luci-app-sqm.I I set up my VPN using wireguard. I set up SQM for wgclient. I then upload the config file from 3.215 and every thing seemed to work.

About 5 days later I updated UBoot, because I had not done it the first time and and Tried the process and it did not work.

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