Auto web login

Hi all,
I’m pretty new to all this so wondering if anybody could help me. I have the GL-AR750 and also have BT Fon internet. I’ve managed to setup the device to share the connection no problem. The thing I would like is to see is if there is an auto reconnect feature available as BT Fon usually disconnects every 2 hours or so and so I have to manually reconnect using phone or laptop. So I would like to set the device to perhaps reconnect every 1.5 hours or so automatically. Is this possible?
Thanks for any help!

Fon presents its self as a standard captive portal with I think, a force disconnect every 2 hours, as you are finding. This is purely a function of the CP and you will have to re enter your account details on the FON or BT login screen. There is not really any way to easily automate this without intimate details of the FON CP.
Fon do however do their own Android and iOS app so if you run this on your phone it will reconnect for everyone on your shared network.