Automatic restart after a power outtage

Hi All,


I have 2 GLi-MiFi which I’d like to use to connect 2 remote plants.

Reconnecting after Signal lost on 3g you guys already solved for me, thx. Now I have another question. Is it possible to get them to automatic restart after a power outtage? And if, how?


Thank you in Advnace for your help


If they lose power, and then re-gain power…they should power back on automatically on their own. Does this not happen?

No they do not, I have to start them manually all the time.

@Lukas I think this is the same problem others were having here:

@heavymetal, that is for the old version PCB only. Now all Mifi is with case and it should be on automatically if battery is drained.

@Lukas, what is your MiFi version? Do you have the case or PCB only?

I have the Case Version, one with and one without Battery