Automatic restart on failure

I have a wireguard server set up on a Brume at my home to connect to while I’m traveling. I’m trying to think of all possibilities that could happen while I’m gone, and one that popped up was what would happen if there’s a failure of the device. Normally I’d just power cycle it which usually fixes most problems. However I won’t be around if that happens.

Is there a way to set up an automatic reboot of a GLinet device on failure?

You can run something like Watchcat, but it is really hard to account for every possible failure case. I use both Watchcat and I reboot my AR300M working as my remote VPN server once a day from cron. It has been running great for over 2 years now.

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interesting info, thanks. I’ll need to dig into this some more and see if setting up automatic reboots would be something to consider.

Does not work for me because as soon as the wgclient interface is down, I can’t access it anymore. Even ifup wgclient will not work because the interface is unknown.

Have you tried having Watchcat reboot the router to clear the problem? What firmware and which router?

Nah, I don’t want to reboot.

I am running 4.5.0 snapshot 2023-11-03 in a Flint.

Looks more like broken firmware than a problem with Watchcat.

I’m working on an updated replacement for my remote router. Gave up on GL iNet firmware, and have moved to generic OpenWrt 23.05. It uses a lot less Flash storage, and the OpenWrt firmware allows me to customize it just as a multi-protocol VPN server. My testing so far shows it is very stable on my AR300M.

Don‘t think it‘s broken because it works fine when I reload the WG config. Maybe turning of WG will just drop the interface then.

I’m going to create my own monitoring script.

A low-tech solution for automatic nightly reboot is to get a hardware timer outlet. On the downside, that would deprive you from tinkering with the scripts :slight_smile:

That’s not a real solution for a device which has a real operating system. Sooner or later, it will brick the device.

Good point, I’ve never thought of that. I periodically reset my router using a smart plug and have not had any problems for years, but I guess it could be a matter of time. Would like to hear GL-iNet staff comment on what they think about power cycling their routers.

It strongly depends on what the device is doing when the power reset happens. The device will be idle most of the time, but you can’t generalize. There are also devices that want to do firmware updates at night, etc. etc.

The GLiNet routers should all (?) support the automatic restart in the web interface.

That makes sense, if there are complex processes running during reset, it can increase the risk. I turn off automatic updates for that reason.

That being said, most GL routers are travel routers, and should be designed for daily plugging/unplugging. If there was any real risk of bricking, they would have to come with a shutdown function, and this forum would be filled with reports of bricking by just turning them off. So under normal usage bricking by power reset should be an event with enormously low probability not worth worrying about even with nightly resets.


Yes, I didn’t point out that I was talking about stationary devices. The travel routers are a little different. My Flint also reboots every night - but on the software side.

As I wrote above: In 99% of cases, the power reset will not cause any problems. I just don’t want anyone to take this statement as a general solution to all problems. :sweat_smile:

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Never allow a GL iNet router to auto-update. Read the old posts, and you will see that auto-updates have broken more GL iNet routers than power cycling. I do not see how daily power cycling a GL iNet router is going to break it.