Automatic updates?

One of the biggest selling points of the Turris Omnia is that it offers automatic updates. Do your routers also offer this feature, or does your firmware have to be re-flashed manually to update?


You can for example look at the AR750s page here to see how the update looks:

There are Release firmwares that show up in the UI upgrade page, but there are also testing firmwares you need to upload manually, but they are more up to date, an even though labeled testing, sometimes more stable as bugs are fixed more often.

Thanks! How often is firmware updated? And, do all of your routers offer automatic updates? I didn’t see anything about updating mentioned in the GL-MT300N documentation.

Do you mean GL-MT300N-V2?

Firmware will not update very often. Maybe twice per year.

Yeah that’s the one. So all routers do feature automatic updates?

Auto update is disabled by default. You can enable it manually.