Automatically cycle through OpenVPN configs if down

Is there a way with fw 4.x to make GLinet devices automatically rotate/cycle through OpenVPN client configs, if they are down and go to the next try that, then go to the next and start over?

Adding more than one OpenVPN client config doesnt seem to have this affect and is useless, and it will just try the one config forever and wont go to the next config in a loop.

Unfortunately this isn’t possible yet.

Why not? that is like a programmable task of like 10 minutes or so. there is a watchdog script in the background anyway, so why not use it to cycle to the next config if there is a down detection? that is one of the most important aspects of using OpenVPN to have multiple configs to cycle through if one is down.

Because no one created a script like this. Feel free to be the first one :wink:

Not really. It‘s just useful if you need VPN from a VPN provider. For normal OVPN usage it’s sufficient when there are multiple servers inside the config.

Erm and what do you think the GLinet devices are for and marked for? What do you think this is:

This is the most important aspect of this device. And it happens A LOT vpn provider servers are down and you need to cycle them.

“For normal OVPN usage it’s sufficient when there are multiple servers inside the config.”

that was my question? how do you do that. most if not all vpn provide use the same config but just IP address is different, so how do I make it work with GLinet device?

My guess is not working because the watchdog script just terminates OpenVPN and restarts again, so how do I make it work?

If I just add more lines into the config like

remote server1.mydomain
remote server2.mydomain
remote server3.mydomain

will this work out of the box with GLinets scripts?

For NordVPN the config though also has different parts for

verify-x509-name for each config

You have to edit the OVPN config then and it will breaks the advantage of just downloading the config.

Unfortunately I am not aware of an OVPN watchdog, since I use WireGuard only. Mostly a watchdog isn’t needed because the reconnection is built-in the OVPN process already.

So if you want to try it you should download some OVPN configs and check if they are different than just the server address. If not, you can simply copy the server address line into one big config.

See Implementing A Load-balancing/failover Configuration | OpenVPN