Autostart Wireguard Server via switch or startup script

Hi all,

I’ve recently bought a pair of GL-MT300N-V2 routers to work as a Wireguard Server/Client setup, which from preliminary testing has worked flawlessly on first connections. However, i’m now looking to permanently enable the WG server at home and use the other form roaming access to remote into homenetworks but when the power is reset to the router, the server does not autostart unless I go into the GUI and manually start it? It is the first time i’ve managed to test away from home, and realised had a power cut before leaving and forgot about re-enabling the router option
Can I either utilise the switch to enable the WG server instead of the Client (as per current config options) to have similar setup to the client (option that works great on my client router) so that when I am planning to go away, i can flick the switch before I leave so that it autostarts when any power cuts occur or have some other startup scripts updated to enable the server automatically on each power on? Am not linux expert, but do know some basics to get around the linux shell?
any help would be very grateful

Really. How did you set up as Wireguard server. It should always start when reboot if you start the sever using our UI.

I just tested and it does start after router boot.