Average CPU load between 3.0 and 4.2 on GL-AR300m

I’m seeing a fairly high average CPU load. My understanding is this should ideally remain below 1.0?
All I’m using the router for is as a repeater to connect to a public wifi and I have 6 wireless and one wired devices connected to the GLI router. Not running a VPN client. Only non-stock package I’ve installed is luci-app-watchcat which is set to reboot the router on disconnect and/or every 24 hours.
Should I be concerned that the CPU usage is so high?

This is too high.

I suspect that it is the watchcat. Can you disable it and check?

It looks like it may just be related to the “Realtime Load” graphing.
Here’s the graph of realtime load and SSH with top running while it’s actively showing me that graph in Luci:

And then, after logging out of Luci but keeping the SSH open running top, here’s the top output > 15 minutes later:

So, perhaps this is just the CPU usage required to show the graph of the CPU usage!


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