AWS OpenVPN Server Connection Bridging

Hi guys,

My technical background is in industrial control systems but I have limited knowledge in networking so please tolerate my noob description and question below.

The goal is to create a site-to-site OpenVPN connection between my laptop and a remote control panel with couple of hardware such as PLC, HMI etc using AWS OpenVPN Server so that I can remotely access the hardware if required. (Note: I’m aware of the security issues - the remote router will only be switched on by the operator if there are issues on site).

The hardware I using is GL-XE300C4.

I’ve managed to connect both my laptop and the router to the AWS OpenVPN Server - no issues. The router receives the IP address from the server however the hardware connected to the router is in a different subnet so it can’t connect directly back to the Server.

So my questions are:

  • Is it possible to bridge the OpenVPN connection to the LAN? i.e. all the devices connected to the router gets IP address directly from the OpenVPN server - if so, how?
  • Does the setting in the OpenVPN Server need to be updated to act as DHCP Server? I’ve seen a similar post on this forum (OpenVPN bridging - #2 by Shadow6) but I couldn’t follow the steps described. The files I needed to modify didn’t seem to existing in the location described.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


First your ovpn should use tap.

Second you should use 3.203 firmware.

Then the router will work as bridge mode and all clients of the router should get IP from vpn server.

Hello, its possible to bridge the OPEN VPN SERVER IP to LAN port with this method in bridge ?


Check out the doc OpenVPN Bridge - GL.iNet Docs

When you use tap it should build bridging. But need your server support that as well.