AX-1800 (all settings lost after OTA upgrade) How to restore previous configuration?

hey techsupport,

I just performed the OTA update. Because, duh, the WiFi wasn’t working properly, and some of the techs here recommended to update to the ‘latest firmware’, which I did and now I have this:

  1. ALL settings are lost, the router is in the default factory reset mode, e.g.
  • VPN tunnel settings;
  • SSID and WIFI settings are gone;
  • DHCP client tables are gone;
  • CUSTOM IP TABLES and routing rules;
  • AdguardHome config
    and many other things that I’ve spent a couple of days configuring. WTF??? IS THERE A BACKUP OF THESE SETTINGS? Or am I expected to reconfigure everything from scratch after each update?
  1. how am I supposed to connect to the router if the WIFI is DISABLED after the update and I don’t have neither an ethernet cable or USB-C to ETHERNET adapter on me? What genius has decided to design this “feature”?

  2. this “router” is not even 2 months old. I’d like to have a refund, as it’s clearly not ready for the end user. How to proceed? I’d rather go for UNIFI or MIKROTIK. It’s unbelievable that this hardware is being even released to public, as it fails after a simple update.

You can use GL.iNet smartphone app to set up again.

There should be a bug somewhere causing the config lost.