AX-1800/AXT-1800 V2Ray/vmess


I followed this link to setup a vpn server and I can get connected through it from my laptop.

However, I would like to have the router becoming the client and connecting to the vpn server, so that all my network is behind it without further configuration.

Can someone please share a way to do this on either AX-1800 or AXT-1800?

Unfortunately, Ovpn and Wireguard are no longer options in Turkey, as recently speeds have been reduced to like 8 Mbps.

@bring.fringe18 I just like to ping you for VPN stuff :sunglasses:

Ugh… you’re not doing me any favors here. I was going to setup WG+Stunnel to defeat hostile networks but this looks quite tempting. It’s not in the GL feeds for OWRT 21.02. @peixotorms , you’ll have to add the repo feeds:

v2rayA is an easy-to-use and powerful V2Ray client focused on Linux. You can use this section to quickly preview the content of the user documentation.

Thanks, but I must be missing something. I already tried that, and it installs and I can start the server… but, my devices in the LAN are all still with my WAN IP, not the proxy IP. How do I redirect them to use the connected servers?

Can you confirm your VRay Server is tunnelling traffic properly by first proxying a web browser on your PC?

Yes, there is no problem running it from chrome. I even setup a separate ubuntu server as a client to the final vpn server and exposed it as a socks5 server, also works fine.

After starting the server in the router, is it supposed to automatically route everyone in the lan?

After starting the daemon/process that’s supposed the be the Vray Client, I have no idea how it sets up the routes, if any, for your LAN → OpenWrt router (VRayA) → Vray Server → Public Internet… but it looks like it requires some manual configuration:

I tried that one as well, from what I understood it’s mostly a list that will define which routes will be routed and which ones will be direct. I tried a few domains as proxy, some others as direct… no difference, so probably something else might be needed.

Well, if anyone in the future knows how to do this, please update.