Ax-1800 (Flint) play along with BL2200 (Velica)?

I purchased a Velica mesh router, and I was wonder if I purchase the AX-1800 to be my main router, and my Velica expand my coverage will it work? (no a repeater because that will create a second SSID)


Yes you can. Use the Velica in Extender mode and change the SSID to be the same as the AX1800.

awesome, I’ll try that

the only problem would be the ones that will connect to the extender won’t be able to access the printer which would be connected to the main router if I’m not mistaken, :frowning: oh well hopefully Qualcom update their SDK so that flint can get back the mesh functionality some day. Thanks anyway @limbot

The printer on the main router should still be accessible. You may have to access it explicitly by its IP address.

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