AX-1800 network problem

Today my ax1800 router became unreachable. Suddenly I could not connect to wifi from my tablet or phone. Connection also failed via ethernet connection from my Windows laptop. Oddly, existing camera wifi connections continued to work. I tried doing the 3 second router reset to no avail. Goodcloud shows it offline, but I can reach the cameras from the internet. I have a Mango router configured as a Wireguard server connected to one of the LAN ports on the AX1800, and that works using wifi or ethernet connections to it, including my laptop ethernet connection on the Mango LAN port. If I disconnect the Mango ethernet cable from the AX1800 lan port and plug my laptop into that port, it won’t connect. What the heck is going on? Any ideas on what to try before I do a factory reset?

Can you provide full logs? You can export this in the system->log

See attached log… (215.5 KB)

I had to rename the tar extension to zip for your system to accept the upload.

It looks like there is something wrong with the file system. Before that, do you have any special operations on the file?

The only files that I have added are file shared via the flash drive port. I would like to know what corrupted the router, but time restraints forced me to factory reset the router and manually re-enter to data including port forwards. Is there a way to backup my data in case this happens again?

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You can make a config backup in LuCi by going into system ----> Backup and Flash Firmware or using CLI

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It’s a rare occurrence. This is the first one I’ve encountered.