AX1800 Flint is terribly unstable und just not usable

I really wanted to use the AX1800 (Flint) and make it work.
But since I have it I been trying for days to fix it and make it work. I try’d everything I found in this Forum and across the whole internet like, snapshot, different settings, I mean really just about different everything I can think of.

Once you feel like you finally nailed it, like 24h later then the router starts to barf up.
I also have issues with Apple Devices and the WIFI, I keep getting the following (no matter what I do, I tried tried every freaking combination) and for every try to fix thing uncountable router resets :


Privacy Warning
This network is blocking encrypted
DNS traffic.
The names of websites and other servers
your device accesses on this network may be
monitored and recorded by other devices on
this network.

The bad is that devices start to be slaggy and then cannot open a single webpage. Local stuff I can access like the router interface (only with IP, no hostname).
Devices that are streaming usually work until stoped, all others don’t.

Feels like a memory leak or all 15.05.x bugs are not patched for LeaseTimes, rpc (NFS) etc

Now I reached the point where I give up, totally annoying.

Now I have to decide if I put this thing up on the shelf and trust that it will get better soon or send simply send it back and call it a try.

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If not already done so, you can try updating to firmware 3.208 snapshot.

I did that, I have 3.208 … still too much issues