AX1800 Flint not stable

Hello everyone,

I’m currently using the AX1800 Flint with firmware version 4.2.3. Lately, I’ve been encountering issues with disconnections and subsequent reconnections of my Sonoff switches, particularly the T1UK3 model.

I’ve been monitoring this through the LED lights on the devices.

Additionally, I’ve noticed that my internet connection occasionally drops, leading to moments of no connectivity.

I’ve also come across an issue where the PPPoE details aren’t consistently displayed on the main GUI. To restore the internet connection, I’ve found that I need to press “Modify” followed by “Apply.”

Furthermore, my internet plan is supposed to provide a 30mbps speed, but my download speed is consistently under 2mbps, and my upload speed is less than 0.8mbps.

While I’m not particularly adept at interpreting the event log, I’m keen to understand the root cause of these disruptions. Can anyone provide guidance on identifying the problem more effectively? Is it recommended to share the log here in this forum post for further analysis?

Any insights or assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Please send log message.

How speed can you connect your computer directly to the Internet?

I am having the same problem the entire device just goes offline then comes back again I have cycled through 4.2.3/ 4.4.5 / and the snapshots of 4.5.0 nothing seems to be resolving the issue

then i see these in the log and I do not have storage at all

Tue Aug 22 09:26:36 2023 daemon.err samba[19129]: [2023/08/22 09:26:36.324822, 0] …/…/source4/samba/server.c:646(binary_smbd_main)
Tue Aug 22 09:26:36 2023 daemon.err samba[19129]: samba version 4.14.12 started.
Tue Aug 22 09:26:36 2023 daemon.err samba[19129]: Copyright Andrew Tridgell and the Samba Team 1992-2021
Tue Aug 22 09:26:36 2023 daemon.err samba[19129]: [2023/08/22 09:26:36.325269, 0] …/…/lib/util/become_daemon.c:147(daemon_status)
Tue Aug 22 09:26:36 2023 daemon.err samba[19129]: daemon_status: daemon ‘samba’ : Starting process…

and what is interesting there are NO crash logs what so ever even though it is obviously going offline and the interface goes all inaccessible .

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated

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Dear GL.iNet Team,

I share a log file with you, which is attached to this post. Upon reviewing the “system.log,” I’ve noted occurrences of the status words “disassociated” and “deauthenticated due to inactivity (timer DEAUTH/REMOVE).” These observations appear relevant to the issue I am currently facing.

This morning, I conducted a test using my old Dlink wireless router provided by my ISP. It connected at its regular speed (30mbps download) through PPPoE. Interestingly, when I redial (retry with varying timings) the PPPoE, sometimes I encounter a situation similar to the one I’m encountering with the Flint AX1800. The Dlink router demonstrates a higher success rate of maintaining consistent connectivity in comparison to my Flint AX1800.

Could you please analyze the log and provide insights on how I might address this issue? Your guidance and assistance are highly valued.

I appreciate your time, analysis and suggestion.

Below is the PPPoE disconnected: (7.8 KB)

I have experienced occasional drops as well, but at least since last year. To me what happens is that I am connecting via PPPoE (fiber) and permanently using a wireguard vpn, but nothing else.

I have about 7 devices, but usually not more than 3 or 4 are active at the same time (tv, 2 phones, laptop).

Occasionally, apparently the router power cycles and I can see it because the TV looses wifi signal, as well as my laptop and phones, and when I try to look for the network it’s just not there until a while later.

I though it could be the temperature, but the AC is ON most of the time, so it shouldn’t be that.

Either way, waiting on Flint 2.


Please check this issue.

It maybe cause of the ethernet cable broken according to the log below. Please try to change a CAT5e or CAT6 short finished ethernet cable to connect the WAN port of the Flint to the upstream port。

Wed Aug 23 03:08:57 2023 daemon.notice netifd: Network device ‘eth0’ link is down
Wed Aug 23 03:08:57 2023 daemon.notice netifd: VLAN ‘eth0.500’ link is down
Wed Aug 23 03:08:57 2023 daemon.notice netifd: Interface ‘wan’ has link connectivity loss
Wed Aug 23 03:08:57 2023 kernel: [10749.794806] nss-dp 3a001000.dp1 eth0: PHY Link is down
Wed Aug 23 03:08:57 2023 daemon.notice netifd: Network device ‘pppoe-wan’ link is down
Wed Aug 23 03:09:12 2023 daemon.notice netifd: Network device ‘eth0’ link is up

It should be that the server actively disconnected the connection according to the following log:

Wed Aug 23 03:09:15 2023 pppd[6346]: Remote message: Access number is exceed
Wed Aug 23 03:09:15 2023 daemon.err pppd[6346]: PAP authentication failed
Wed Aug 23 03:09:15 2023 daemon.notice pppd[6346]: Modem hangup
Wed Aug 23 03:09:15 2023 daemon.notice pppd[6346]: Connection terminated.

Maybe ask ISP for help. You can also try dialing with PC directly to locate the issue.

This problem does exist while dialing PPPoE, it misleads the user showing “No cable detected in WAN port” for some time.

Please toggle off the options on APPLICATIONS - Network Storage page.

Also here a very unstable Flint AX1800 (bought it august 2023) and I use it only for me and my 4 devices so no heavy load.
As it arrives I was very happy how fast and easy it was to setup but day after day week after week, different firmwares up to 4.5 daily at least 3 disconnects in repeater mode to my mobile hotspot. Sometimes reboots with no reason, sometimes no network at all for a minute.
So I decide to use it only for my tasmota devices, no more internet connection. But also then after 7-10days all devices get an ip config error and couldn’t connect to the router again. (Fw 4.5)
My Idea with this router was to buy the M2 Development board to do 5G Internet.
This is gone for me because with such unstable device an internet and network freedom isn’t possible.

Really sad because I love Openwrt and the possibilities I get with it but it’s time to say good bye.
Better an end with horror (lost 81 bucks) then an endless horror.

Sorry to bring you a bad experience.
There is indeed a small probability of wifi crashing and repeating hotspot compatibility issues. We’re developing repeater v2 to address related issues and also will upgrade the whole OS this year.

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Sorry to say but i plan to buy a new router this year and ,sorry, of course a new brand.
Til then my mobile Hotspot is used through my Intel AX210 @5ghz wifi without any issues.
Need some good Ideas/projects what to do with a not wanted AX 1800 anymore.

I rellay hope you can fix it but these problems are there for over 3 Years (forum posts), so forgive me that I think, chance is really small on success. I’ve used Openwrt since 17.x that days with a cpe (replaced orig fw with openwrt) as wisp/repeater, never had an issue.

My budget is low. That’s the reason why I bought that router to buy later on the m2 dev board for 5G.
I end up with: the next router will exactly 81 bucks more expensive, luckely I got the AX 1800 on sale.

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