AX1800 Flint Opened port is still closed


I installed Transmission on the router. Daemon and web UI. Set up the config and all the other stuff.
It works. I can download. Speed is not great but it works.

The problem with the port. The default Transmission port is 51413. But I changed it to 61111(with the default port tried too). It is a random port. I saw that ISP could block so just to be sure.

I want to open it because I can’t seed anything. After a download, I have 0 peers.

For example, some torrent has S: 162 and L: 118. When I see “Seeding to 0 of 0 Peers”.

What I did. I added a rule

But this port is still closed. Transmission still says it is closed (yeah I saw in Google that it could be a UI bug). Any port checking site tells that the port is closed.
For example (my IP is not static so I can show it)

What’s going on? Why it is still closed?

do you have public IP address? maybe you are under CGNAT… if CGNAT, you’ll need a VPN/WPS with port forwarding


You are right, probably. shows my IP as
But from the router admin panel, I see
Google says it means my ISP is using CGN.

This definitely is a CGNAT IP address.