AX1800 free space problem

My AX1800 free space only 2% about 2mb even i didnt install any new plugin, all installed plugin is default from the device. I only active adguardhome. You can see from my screenshot. How to fix that problem?

Please input these command at terminal to help locate what’s that big file.

du -sh /overlay/upper/*
df -h

This i run on my AX1800

Please try this command:

du -a /etc/AdGuardHome/

And you can delete temporary files by

rm -f /overlay/upper/etc/AdGuardHome/data/*

We’ll do further search to optimize.

After delete temporary file of Adguardhome still remain only 23% about 28mb

So the culprit is adguardhome?

It’s adguardhome files getting much bigger. How long the system been up?
You can check if the the ‘du’ command output is in accordance to to free space percentage, and the speed it grows. At initial on my board the file size is like:

root@GL-AX1800:/etc/AdGuardHome# du -sh /overlay/upper/etc/AdGuardHome/data/*
1.7M    /overlay/upper/etc/AdGuardHome/data/filters
16.0K   /overlay/upper/etc/AdGuardHome/data/sessions.db
16.0K   /overlay/upper/etc/AdGuardHome/data/stats.db

I attached my screenshot

Uptime is about 1 day 6 hours

As the biggest file is querylog.json, you can try disable querylog or set retention time to 24hours, at setting pages - setting - general setings - logs configuration:

Okay i will try it. Thank you