AX1800 - Kill Switch

Hello, I am traveling with AX1800. I am using torguard VPN service. I enabled kill switch. I connected to host country’s router using repeater mode. And enabled VPN to connect to my home country. Everything was ok.

Then I connected AX-1800 to host country’s router using an ethernet cable and connected to the same wifi as before (Wifi from AX1800). I got an alert on my laptop saying that my laptop is locked out because I am in a country where I am not allowed. (Everything was left as is from before step)

How is the possible with Kill switch enabled? Is the problem on torguard side or the router sent some packets without VPN?

Is AX-1800 not trust worthy?

Please help me understand where the problem is?


It sounds like you’re doing ‘clandestine remote working’. There’s other ways to fingerprint/track your location than just your IP. Your computer’s local time vs the expected time zone would be an example.

Some employers go as far as tapping the mic &/or webcam.