AX1800 LAN / WAN connectivity in Drop-in gateway mode

Hi GL.iNet community

I’ve recently purchased an AX1800 (Flint) to use as my wireless access point, DHCP, DNS etc. replacing the functionality of the Sky broadband router. I must keep the Sky router to allow me to use my landline phone.

I have read the documentation and configured the AX1800 as a drop-in gateway in accordance with the documentation, with the addition of an intermediate switch (see diagram)

Wifi and DHCP services have been turned off on the Sky router. The wired LAN gets it’s IP addresses from DHCP on the AX1800 WAN (, the WLAN gets it’s IP addresses from the AX1800 LAN ( All connected devices can connect to the internet but can’t connect to each other. I believe I understand the reason to be that the AX1800 firewall is blocking traffic between the LAN and the WAN segments. Is there something I can do to fix this or have I misunderstood the configuration.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

In my opinion you don’t need to use Drop-In - you could just use it as a normal routing device behind your Sky router.

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Wouldn’t that mean I’m double NAT’ing though?

Why you don’t use VLAN for WLAN part of network? you schema don’t garantee that WLAN don’t have access to LAN.

@admon, You were correct, I was totally over thinking my configuration. I installed and configured as a standard router in an in-line configuration, Sky Router LAN into AX1800 WAN port and AX1800 LAN into switch to expand on the four available on the AX1800. I just need to port forward any external inbound traffic through both routers or set up the AX1800 as the DMZ target from the Sky Router.

Thank’s, and to @demonx for the prompt responses

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