AX1800 not showing firmware update available

I've got a remote AX1800 that i just discovered is only running 4.2.0 (Yes, I know I can force a local update) Upgrade window shows "Firmware is up to date. "

My real question is why is not not finding the latest version? Is there some way to trigger it to check for new firmware, or a log file I can look at to see whats failing? A quick check of logs via gui is not showing much.

In any case I will wait until I am on location before messing with it too much.


Sorry but this firmware is a bit old and hard to find the root cause to it.

I would more recommend you to upgrade it by manual in this link:

And for example, you can download the v4.5.0 firmware and then check if it would detect the latest v4.5.16 automatically.
Feel free to feedback if still this issue on your router.