AX1800 VPN options disappear in Extend mode

Received my GL-AX1800 wireless router today and it was very easy to set up. I extended my wireless network to the AX1800 then imported my OpenVPN profile and it just worked perfectly. I noticed there was a firmware upgrade and I updated it to 4.1.0. Immediately my VPN options while in Extended mode disappeared and I was no longer able to enable the VPN while in Extended mode. The menu items just disappeared, until I reverted back to Routing mode. I really need the VPN while in Extended mode; is there a reason why (or a way to revert to an earlier firmware version to support this) it was disabled this way in this version? Model: GL-AXT1800

I reverted the firmware to 4.03 and it is operating correctly. I’ve read through the release notes for 4.1 and it doesn’t say anything about disabling this feature. I’m going to try and manually patch to 4.1 and see if it repeats the issue (and report back). I may even try the beta! :slight_smile:

Ok, I manually installed the 4.1 firmware through the Admin control panel and now the extender with VPN function is working properly. Not really sure what could have happened with the one button upgrade, but if anyone has a similar issue, this is how I fixed it. Thanks!

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