AX1800 with ikev2/ipsec vpn + eap-mschapv2

Hi, Can you please provide information on whether it is possible to setup ikev2/ipsec vpn in client mode with eap-mschap2? It should be possible – that said, perhaps you can also provide some clues as to whether it works and how it may be possible to integrate into the simplified gl.inet ui ?


We will not go to integrate ipsec.

You may consider strongswan or openswan package.


I seem to be unable to find strongswan on my GL-AX1800. Could you direct me to the download?

So strongswan, which works on openwrt will work just the same on AX1800 ?

Just checked and no strongswan for AX1800 stock firmware.

But you can try our firmware 4.x which has that. We will push the snapshot shortly.

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