AXT-1800 4.2.1 release4 Missing repo

Upgraded to latest Beta Version: 4.2.1 release4 repository seems to missing 1300 of so packages. Wanted Netdata and is not available. I see that it is pulling from 4.2.0 but can’t access 4.1.0 and 4.0 shows errors. I am assuming that they will be available in a couple days?

Also It does not come up in packages to upgrade but when I was searching for Netdata It said that this package:
kmod-gl-sdk4-hw-info 4.4.60+git-2023.007.35391-31dbfa9-1 5.5 KB GL.i hardware information
could be upgraded. Does it need to be?


Same problem with ax1800 Flint and latest beta.

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I did some poking around on the repository. I think GL.iNet might be getting ready to migrate to the 5.4 Kernel for AX1800 and AXT1800 :smile:

Latest Snapshot for 4-18-23 has the same issue and only 753 packages.