AXT 1800 connection to WiFi keeps dropping randomly

I am using an AXT 1800. I connect to WeWork WiFi and everything works. After a few minutes, the internet drops and the WiFi has disconnected. This has happened a few times now.

Then my connection to the AXT drops completely (it is connected via ethernet to my laptop) and I cannot access


did it work before (so did you change something?) or was it always a problem with the WeWork WiFi?

I used it everyday this past week. I connect to it, it stays online for 5-6 hours, then goes offline. Then I reconnect and it’s back to working (perhaps WeWork kicks a device off after being connected for a long time)?

But today, it’s different. Frequent disconnects. Maybe it’s the weekend so WeWork is performing maintenance?

It’s working as we speak (1 device connected via ethernet and 1 via repeater mode).

Very strange and inconsistent.

The only change I made as an attempt to fix the issue was changing MAC address from clone to Manual (Random).

  • Stopped working again.
  • Couldn’t connect to either.
  • Now reconnected to router, but internet not working.
  • Internet working again.

^The above process happens constantly.

Could be some issues with mwan3, which tries to detect if the connection is down or not.
Try to disable all connectivity checks on each interface:

Why would disabling solve that?

Because the logs suggest that mwan3 might be the problem here. Just try it and see if it’s get better.

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Getting ‘eyes up’ would be advised.

Increasing the timeout/check periods worked in my case. So did finding faster IPv4/severs to ping.

On the multi-wan3?
Also, did you have the same issue with using a Glinet device at WeWork?

Because I do not have this issue on a home network.

Yeah, the period on the Multi-WAN; 1.5x their current values or so helped.

I don’t use WeWork but I seem to recall fr an older thread they recently started using DFS on their Wi-Fi APs. @admon , do you recall anything about that? You know how quickly threads get buried 'round here.

Yeah, that thread was initiated by me as well haha. Guess I’m the only one here using at WeWork.

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Hah! Too funny! Sorry I don’t know for sure but I’d still give increasing the periods & change out the pinged IPs to something like Cloudflare (, Cloudflare has very fast infrastructure if you don’t care about hitting their sever logs w/ your IP.

Even if they use DFS it would not explain why the disconnection happens so often.
DFS is every 3 or 6 hours or something like that. Would be strange for a Co-Working space if they interrupt every video call like twice an hour just to do DFS stuff.

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… or the APs were set up by the lowest bidding tender/contractor. This is the USA we’re talking about, after all.

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For reference, my setup includes a Wireguard VPN tunnel using (2) AXT 1800s. One is in the US connected to residential router. The other is with me (travel router).