AXT-1800 no APs listed when scanning

AXT-1800 wired WAN connection, scanning for APs will disconnect me as a client, so admin won’t show any APs…
today’s snapshot.

We will check this problem.

Sorry for yesterday rush, was working on stuffs, wired WAN connection went down, just wanted to connect to an AP and it didn’t work, basic thing this boy should do but didn’t, hence a bit of frustration.

Anyway, I got a second unit for testing purpose so I can afford to clean/reset settings/configuration. Here we go, hopefully it is clear enough, let me know if not.


  • fresh install, today’s snapshot

  • wired internet connection to WAN port, client wifi connection to 5G

  • choose English language

  • sync Time

  • go to INTERNET and click connect at “Repeater (STA) is disabled.”, all good, wifi connection is kept, 2G and 5G APs show up.

  • go to WIRELESS and change 5G channel to 132 (DFS)

  • go to INTERNET and click connect at “Repeater (STA) is disabled.”, problem, wifi connection is lost, APs list empty, wifi connections comes back after about a minute, APs list stays empty.

Some extra notes:

I’s a snapshot so not complaining, BUT, this habit of running snapshots is due to lack of proper testing for release versions which in the past months have proven buggy while beta/snapshots often provided fixes.

From the forums it looks like am not alone running snapshots, one issue that comes often is people keeping settings while updating to latest snapshot, this causes extra burden to support staff and pollute the forums. I would propose two ways at improving that:

  • get proper testing on release versions so that most users don’t have to follow the forum and install snapshots.

  • separate and opt-in for beta/snapshot forum topics and of course it would be nice to have access to git logs if not for the whole firmware, at least for the /etc/config/ if that is all that is kept when upgrading and selecting “Keep Settings”. That would help a lot curagious users to see what settings may be troublesome should they choose to keep settings, again, keeping the forum cleaner. Alternatively, make it clear in the upgrade page when changes/fixes have been introduced that NEED a settings reset.

Btw, why is the uboot update that does fix a particular issue, not mentioned in a user guide or somewhere more obvious than hidden in the forum?

Oh, and if I may… my use case is nomadism, mostly using the boy as a wifi repeater, for speed reasons I only use 5G, what about a new unit with 2 wifi cards? Power wise, the card that connect to upstream AP may need extra juice but I rarely need more than Medium/High power and the card that provide local AP works fine at Low power. The thing is that Repeater mode just downgrades bandwith/latency too much, and imagine if a couple users in a coffe shop do that… add it to the wish list.

Oh, and the M2 sounds great, but, I love USB-C power, just because I got cables, batteries and power adapters and really hate to carry extra single use devices.


Can we have a switch to turn off DFS scanning for testing purpose, that’s sometimes really annoying when testing things.