AXT-1800 Slate poor download speeds 4.0.3

I just upgraded my Slate AXT-1800 to 4.0.3. My download speeds have just dropped significantly! If I connect directly to my in-home wifi, I get speeds of 300 down/180 up. Connecting to the Slate via wifi, 5Ghz, I get 25 down/100 up. No VPN. The Slate is in Router mode connecting to my in-home wifi. Nothing fancy, no special anything. Speeds have just gone to crap!

Any ideas?


Have you tried modifying the 5GHz Wi-Fi channel?

No I have not, but I don’t know specifically what you mean. What modifications should I attempt to make and how do I do them?

Channel conflicts may be the cause of speed slow. In “Wireless” Page, you can modify “Channel” in 5GHz WiFi Tab.
If you use repeater to connect to your main router, then it will be consistent with your main router. So you will need to change the channel on the main router.

Unfortunately, I don’t have access to the main router to change the channel (it’s a long story…) However, I disconnected from Router mode, waited a bit, and reconnected. The download speeds are back up. I noticed the channel used for the Slate in Router mode is set to “auto”. Should I simply assign it a different fixed channel instead of letting it auto select?

Have you changed the connection to the main router? Not using repeater connection anymore? Or repeat the 2.4GHz WiFi?

If repeat 5GHz WiFi, then it should show the channel value of the parent router here, so you can’t change it.

If you are repeat 2.4GHz WiFi, the speed will be much slower.

If you have switched to a network cable to connect to the main route. Then you can check which channel is not being used and set it to that channel to get the best speed. NetSpot can help you check channels usage.

To clarify, after I disconnected from the Repeater mode, I saw the channel being used by the Repeater mode was set to “auto”. And yes, when I turn Repeater mode back on, it changes to match the channel of the parent router. I will try to disconnect from Repeater mode and manually set the channel to be something that is not being used and then turn on Repeater mode again. Thank you for your suggestion about NetSpot! Just as a side question, is there a difference or preference in channel selection for 5Ghz similar to 2.4 (where certain channels should be avoided).

always use 5Ghz if you can 2.4 sucks for speed. but its great for distance. and when you update the router be sure and do a full reset of the settings I updated mine to the latest beta firmware it was having bad upload problems but once I used the revert option it worked like a charm any questions please ask away and have a wonderful day.

Theoretically, the higher the frequency of the channel, the higher the speed will be. But it depends more on your current environment, it is better not to use the same channel with other routers nearby.

Personally, I do not use the “auto” channel feature because it does not always find the best channel, may suddenly change causing wifi interruption, and the algorithm is a mystery to me.

When not repeating the upstream wifi, I just set specific broadcast channels for both 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz bands. The free “Wifi Analyzer” and “WiFiman” apps on my smartphone display nearby access points and helps find an appropriate channel.

Frequently, the 2.4GHz band is very congested, so there may not be much to choose from. To minimize further congestion, I only use 20MHz channel width on 2.4GHz. The 5GHz band is usually much better in terms of less congestion and higher speed.

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Can anyone recommend an app for the iPhone that shows nearby wifi SSIDs and their respective channels? Most of the ones I have downloaded show devices on your LAN. I found one that would work but the cost is US$10 per WEEK!

The best app is WiFianalyzer.

But they don’t have an iphone version. Maybe you can contact them and ask if they will make one.

You can try out some of the apps listed here to see if any are useful:

Ubiquiti WiFiman is excellent on my Android smartphone. There is a version for iPhone, but some features are lost due to Apple blocking access to the phone hardware, which may also limit other iOS apps.

For speed a number of settings need to be updated and changed. On the router you want to navigate to the admin page then to wireless settings. Security setting for fastest select open(your wireless is not password protected not secure) For a secured wireless use WPA3 SAE. Next go to Wifi Mode choose 802.11a/n/ac/ax. Next change bandwidth to 80 mhz. Set power to max.

On your computer go to device manager, select network adapters and click on the advance tab
and select 802.11n Channel Width for 5.2Ghz and select Auto from the drop-down menu under Value. Next 802.11n Mode, select Enabled from the drop-down menu under Value. In the Property: box, touch or click Fat Channel Intolerant and select Disabled from the drop-down menu under Value. In the Property: box, touch or click Roaming Aggressiveness and select 1. Lowest** from the drop-down menu under Value:.* NOTE: This setting is suggested for home wireless networks. When you are on a business network and move from place to place, the setting should be set to 3. Medium. In the Property: box, touch or click Intel® Throughput Enhancement or Throughput Booster and select Disabled from the drop-down menu under Value:.* NOTE: When you only have one device on the wireless network or are streaming video, you may want to enable this feature. However, this prevents other computers on your network from having equal access to the wireless network. In the Property: box, touch or click Transmit Power and select 5. Highest from the drop-down menu under Value. In the Property: box, touch or click Wireless Mode and select the highest number available from the drop-down menu under Value.
Touch or click the Power Management tab. Make sure the check box to the left of Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power, is unchecked. Click OK.

If you want to make changes to 2.4ghz everything is the same just change simply navigate to 802.11n Channel Width for 2.4GHz and select Auto from the drop-down menu under Value in device manager.

You should now get fastest speed possible.

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