Axt-1800 travel case review

I just got my official glinet axt1800 travel case via Amazon, but it doesn’t pair well at all. The case isn’t tall enough to fit both the router and power adapter safely. While it will zip closed, the power adapter puts a lot of pressure on the router and leaves a small bulge protruding from the case. The build quality of the case is far superior than other brands I have tried however I would not recommend due to poor fitting.

Edit: added amazon link to case


Could you post a link please? Thank you

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Thanks for the review.

I would not buy it in the first place, because of the ‘bubble’ design.
I do like my accessories in a flat order. If I could I would only eat pancakes at work, because they are easier to transport between laptop and college block.

If there is a design such as this case open, maybe with a 3 side zipper to open just the top and fixed in a mesh … maybe I would think twice.
The maximum size of a case for me is 14" diagonal and something about 3cm high.

If I’ve had only one bag, I may could vary. But it needs to fit in: bike bag, day pack, hard case flight trolley, office bag, 60l rucksack and sometimes waterproof bag.

The Links are just examples, for those who don’t know a special kind of bag type. My actual bags are much older (and very durable). I need longer to pick a bag, than find a suitable a router :stuck_out_tongue:

I can share the same thoughts, the slate ax has a really tight fit, I’m always worried I accidentally damage the antenna if I put it in or out.

But for me I did not recognized myself into having a bulge, I noticed it can expand very well, but again I’m not traveling alot, if I place only my adapter and slate in it and one small utp cable that is the maximum for me, I wished there was little more space to borrow something like a mango but that is impossible :yum:

I have one case too and it works just fine. But you have to remove the plug from the PSU so it can fit.