AXT-1800 VLANs

I noticed on AXT-1800 firmware 4.5.0 the following warning in luci Network->Switch menu

“Switch switch0 has an unknown topology - the VLAN settings might not be accurate.”

I tried setting up a VLAN but it didn’t look like it worked. Can someone advise if the firmware supports VLAN, and if so, a simple example how to use? TIA

I haven’t tried with AXT-1800 but VLAN should be fully supported. The warning doesn’t matter. You can get a detailed switch config with “swconfig dev switch0 show” over ssh.

You’re on the older “swconfig” interface setup I think. Not the latest DSA. So the method for setting up VLANs will be different. And you need to make sure you are using older guides for that software and asking questions on openwrt forums based on that system. gl.inet will upgrade eventually but that chip is still somewhat new with regards to software maturity.

Thanks. I googled around but didn’t find anything that I could tie to the AXT-1800.

The backend in Luci should be just a generic swconfig setup in OpenWrt.

Thanks. I was thrown off by the warning message and that the port names do not show up in luci, they are only shown as port1 port2 port3 etc. But it appears that port1=wan, port2=eth1 and port2 = eth2 and that the enable vlan option is missing in luci. I have more testing to do but I think this puts me on the right track, perhaps having to manually edit /etc/config/network file.