Axt-1800 WireGuard issues

Hi. I have an urgent ask . I have both flint and AXT- router . I need to use WireGuard (VPN-client) as I am working outside of the country and I need my IP address to show the public IP address that my ISP provides.

On my AXT router - (travel) WireGuard client is only working when using Tethering from my phone. (Hotspot)

WireGuard client is not working when I connect AXT router with repeater or Ethernet to my ISP (spectrum ) router

I spoke with customer support and they believe that my ISP (Spectrum) will not allow AXT router to connect to their router . Spectrum has blocked any third party router from connecting to it to use WireGuard services .

Can anyone suggest anything that can help ?

Does it have to be Wireguard? Run OpenVPN over TCP443. Especially handy with the port-share feature.

Yes. It has to be . I do not want my employee to know I am working outside the country . I do not want my IP address to show a data center IP address…

You can do that with OpenVPN.

In terms of outcome, there is no difference between OpenVPN and Wireguard - they’re both technologies that let you do (more or less) the same thing, and both can accomplish what you’re wanting. If your ISP is blocking WireGuard, then my first suggestion would be to use OpenVPN, unless there is an absolutely compelling reason why it has to be WireGuard. That hardware should be able to do 150mbps or so with OpenVPN, which ought to be plenty. And as I said you can run it on TCP 443, and if you want to be extra cute put a webpage up such that it looks like a web server, even though it’s actually doing OpenVPN.

I have a really dumb question to ask you as I am new in this space .

To run OPENVPN : do i need to use 2 routers ? Is it the same setup as WireGuard ?

I just need a couple steps to get me going , thank you

Use the same two routers you have. OpenVPN is listed right above WireGuard both for server and client.

Thank you . Let me try this . I really need this to work

Depending on whether you have access to a computer back home, you could also try Tailscale, which will let one installation act as an “exit node” for others. Dead simple stuff, and has a lot of fancy ways to get around blockages. Can be done with those routers as well, but at present will need a custom version of firmware.

OpenVPN did not work just like WireGuard .

I even used tethering from my phone and it does not connect

Do you have a spare computer at your home location you could install tailscale on?

Yes i do . What do i do with talescale