AXT1800 (4.1.0 release2) AGH via VPN?

  1. Why, when the wireguard vpn is enabled in the separate tunneling mode (only instagram ip), adguard home works via vpn?
  2. Packages failed to update.
  3. For some reason, the Internet is slow if you do not enable “allow access” in the “global options” in the vpn settings

Can you explain your question 1?

Question 2, maybe just wait the repo to update

Question 3, not sure if this is the case. What are the speeds?

1 Adguard home works via vpn, although it should not, because the IP address of dns servers is not included in the list for tunneling
3 Maybe this option (Allow Access WAN - what does this option do?) should always be enabled (I didn’t find a description), but if you don’t turn it on, then (when you turn on the vpn) the Internet starts to slow down (in general, the download speed doesn’t drop, but there may be a big ping or something else)

even if you enable the option “Services from GL.iNet doesn’t Use VPN”

as in 4.0.3 FW

This option allows you to access the subnet on the WAN zone when you use vpn.

For example,

  • You have a main network, with subnet
  • You connect AXT1800 to your current network, create subnet.
  • When you enable VPN on AXT1800, you cannot access anymore. If you have printers etc you cannot access them without using vpn policy or disable vpn.
  • “Allow Access WAN” solves the above issues so that you can still access wan zone when you use vpn, without use vpn policy.
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Simply create a firewall dns forward from port 53 to the adguard homeserver port 1053 on your adguard router: That should make it.

The fact is that filters are updated via VPN

I can’t confirm that, when I look at my DNS results. I had it indeed, before I added the firewall rule.

53, 1053 or 3053 port?

When you use nextdns, you can bind your ip so that clients with the legacy dns use nextdns. To do this, you can add an address to the white filter for programmatically update your linked IP by calling. Then you see the vpn ip, not your ip. So the filters are updated via vpn?

Maybe this is good, but I would like to have a choice