AXT1800 - Access API


I am currently attempting to control the AXT1800 settings through a script. However, I have encountered an issue as the API documentation is currently unreachable. Additionally, the python_glinet library requires access to the API documentation link to fetch the APIs for the first time.

Could you please provide a solution to this issue as soon as possible?

What kind of script do you run?

Best way, imho, is using SSH and uci

I tried following this documentation. But this library accessing gl_inet APIs , which is unreachable. Later i did SSH into router. And then tried to run the following commands
"uci set wireless.sta.ssid='MR'",
"uci set wireless.sta.key='Ria@2024'",
"uci set wireless.sta.encryption='psk-mixed'",
"uci commit wireless",
"/etc/init.d/network restart"

Its not effecting anything, after setting i can see those reflecting in uci show wireless logs. But not effecting in UI, And the connection is not shifting from the previous network to new network.

Basically i want to replicate the whole process of configuring repeater. starting from enabling the repeater mode, scanning for available WIFI connections, connecting to respective WIFI network. And getting the feedback of whole process.

Please suggest me the specific documentation or code snippet for the required.
And can you tell me why the Gl-Inet API documentation is unreachable?

One thing is to set the channel correctly.
Or set channel to Auto. Not sure if Auto works. But if you know the channel, pls set up the channel.

After you change wifi settings, pls restart wifi.