AXT1800 as a WiFi to Ethernet Bridge - possible?

The AXT1800 works great in router/repeater mode but I do not want a separate subnet. I want the AXT1800 to connect as a client to my LAN via WiFi and get an IP address in the subnet which is the default LAN subnet. I want to connect two devices via Ethernet to the AXT1800 and have them also get IP addresses on the subnet.

My router/firewall is a Ubiquiti USG with 5 WiFi access points. I put the AXT1800 into WDS mode (also tried Extender) and the devices show up in the client list for the USG (with the AXT1800 connected to the “Bedroom Hallway” access point); however, none of the devices receive an IP address.

If this should work as I described, what am I doing incorrectly?

WDS doesn’t work well when mixed with different hardware/vendor.
You will need to do arp spoofing and track with dhcp using relayd like the following: [OpenWrt Wiki] Wi-Fi extender / repeater / bridge configuration
You’d have to disable repeater app via CLI.
Relaying IPv6 is problematic on older Androids from my tests (10 and below), but your using ethernet devices.
I may write a small guide sometime.

Extender network mode is intended to keep connected client devices on the same subnet as the source access point, but can be flaky with DHCP not working across relayd. If there are not many client devices, then some users have assigned them with static IP addresses.

Since you have Unifi USG, a better option may be a Unifi mesh. I have a mesh with Unifi U6-Pro and Unifi UAP-AC-M and it is seamless.

Yes, I am thinking a UAP-AC-IW may be the best option. It is an access point that has two LAN ports (one data + PoE and one data only). Perhaps I can connect the two Ethernet-only devices to that and it might work better.

I tried a UAP-AC-IW I have on hand and it works. Of course, that does not really solve the problem of no network connection where the Ethernet devices are as the UAP-AC-IW needs a LAN connection. It is PoE powered and I have a PoE/PoE+ switch but it still needs the LAN connection as it is not a mesh AP. If I could run a cable to it, I could just cable the two Ethernet-only devices. That’s why I was looking for an Ethernet to WiFi bridge solution.

Actually, the UAP-AC-IW and all Unifi access points will do wifi mesh if you adopt it in the Unifi network controller.